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We have added below the tour dates for our Ice Show:

The Nutcracker on Ice 2012/13

Swan Lake on Ice 2012/13
  • 21 November- 1 Dec Macau, (On Sale Soon)
  • 9 February, Bucharest, Romania (TBC)
  • 13 February, Pecs, Hungary (TBC)
  • 14 February, Veszprem, Hungary (TBC)
  • 15-17 February, Budapest, Hungary, (TBC)
  • 19 February, Belgrade, Serbia (TBC)
  • 20 February, Zagrev, Croatia (TBC)
  • 21 February, Split, Croatia (TBC)
  • 22 February, Rijeka, Croatia, (TBC)
  • 23-24 February, Ljubljiana, Slovenia, (TBC)
  • 26 February- 3 March, Trieste, Italy, (TBC)
The Sleeping Beauty on Ice 2013
  • 5-9 March, Dublin, IRELAND (On Sale Soon)
  • 12-16 March, The Mayflower, Southampton, UK
  • 26-31 March, Truro, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 3-7 April, Manchester, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 10-14 April, Leicester, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 16-20 April, Edinburgh, UK
  • 23-28 April, Inverness, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 1 – 5 May, Dartford, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 7-11 May, Venue Cymru, Llandudno, UK
  • 14-19 May, Torquay, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 28 May – 1 June, Norwich, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 4-8 June, Alhambra Theatre Bradford, UK
  • 12-16 June, Glasgow, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 18-23 June, Milton Keynes, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 3-6 October, Liverpool, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 9-13 October, Birmingham, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 16- 20 October, Woking, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 23-27 October, Bromley, UK (On Sale Soon)
  • 30 October- 3 November, Sunderland, UK (On Sale Soon)
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Imperial Ice is one of the worlds leading Ice Skating production companies. Based in Moscow, Russia, Imperial Ice is the home of The Imperial Ice Stars, the worlds foremost theatre on ice skating company.

From theatre stage to Ice Arena’s, our creative team has the world renowned ability to produce high quality ice skating productions to suit any taste and budget and bring the beautiful art of Figure Skating to a delighted audience.

The creative production team has achieved over 15 Olympic Medals and is led by one of the worlds leading ice choreographers and ice show directors, Tony Mercer. From one off promotional activities to full scale productions, Imperial Ice can answer your questions. We Offer stunning Ice Shows throughout the world.  From Dubai to Australasia the Imperial Ice Stars are constantly producing breath taking performances to a World Wide audience.