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Olga Sharutenko

As a young girl, Olga Sharutenko wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps

and become a figure skater. She began her training at the age of six. She and

her skatingpartner joined the Russian National Junior team and in 1995 became

Junior World Champions. After this success, they were invited to join the

Russian Senior National team and were to enjoy great success, winning

numerous competitions around the world. In 1999, she joined the theatrical

skating troupe the Russian Ice Stars, and performed in Peter Pan on Ice, The

Phantom of the Opera on Ice, Barnum on Ice. Olga also performed in the UK and Australian

tour of The Nutcracker on Ice, where she performed the lead role of Clara. Olga joined

The Imperial Ice Stars in 2004 for their world tour of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice, playing

the lead role of the Lilac Fairy, then went on to the world tour of Swan Lake on Ice

playing the lead role of Odette, and has recently played the title role in the Cinderella

on Ice world tour. www.olgasharutenko.com

Olena Pyatash

Olena Pyatash began to skate at the age of five in her hometown of Kharkov,

Ukraine, where she trained as an ice dancer. She took part in numerous ice

skating competitions around the world and enjoyed a notable sports career.

She joined the Bobrin Ice Theatre in Moscow in 1996 and in 1997 joined the

Russian Ice Stars, performing in productions of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice,

Barnum on Ice, Sensational Ice and the Australia and New Zealand tour of

The Nutcracker on Ice. Olena joined The Imperial Ice Stars in 2004 for their

world tours of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice and Swan Lake on Ice, and has just

completed a world tour of Cinderella on Ice. The most important thing in her

life is her young son, Devid, who joins his parents (dad is Andrey Penkin)

on tour.

Andrey Penkin

Andrey, who has been skating since the age of three, was born in St

Petersburg. His career began as a single skater, competing in many

European competitions; he won Bronze medals at the Baltic Cup and

Championship of St Petersburg.

Andrey turned professional in 1998 and joined the Russian Ice Stars; he has appeared

in Cinderella on Ice, Peter Pan on Ice, The Phantom of the Opera on Ice, Barnum on Ice,

The Nutcracker on Ice and Ice Spectacular.

Andrey joined The Imperial Ice Stars in 2004, touring worldwide in The Sleeping

Beauty on Ice, Swan Lake on Ice, and, more recently, in Cinderella on Ice. In his spare

time Andrey enjoys all types of sports, including tennis, and watching his

hometown football team Zenit; he is an avid supporter of Manchester United.

Vadim Yarkov

Vadim Yarkov was born in Kazakhstan and started to skate at the age of six. At

15 he moved to the city of Sverdlorsk and began to skate as a pairs skater. He

was a member of the USSR National Team from 1991 to 1995 and won a total

of 16 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 9 bronze medals. He also became a

Master of Sport International. In 1995, Vadim joined the ice company founded

by Tatiana Tarasova and in 1996, he joined the Moscow on Ice Company and

performed in California, USA. In 1997, he joined the Russian Ice Stars and

appeared for them for seven years, performing leading roles in all productions.

In 2004, Vadim joined The Imperial Ice Stars and has played the lead role of the

Prince in both The Sleeping Beauty on Ice and Swan Lake on Ice world tours. Most

recently he has played the role of Cinderella’s father in the world tour of

Cinderella on Ice. When he has time to relax, he enjoys listening to music, watching

movies and riding motor scooters.

Ruslan Novoseltsev

Skating since the age of four, Ruslan is now in his tenth year of performing in ice

shows as well as being a qualified coach and Master of Sport.

Ruslan lives in the UK with

his wife and family and loves to spend as much time with them as possible when

at home.

Bogdan Berezenko

Bogdan was born in 1984 in the Ukrainian town of Dnepropetrovsk. When he

was four his mother gave him a pair of skates, and having started as a single

skater he moved into pairs, attaining a Master of Sports. He took part in numerous

competitions including the stages of Grand Prix. Parallel with his sporting pursuits he

studied law at Dnepropetrovsk National University, and has been studying management

at the Moscow Institute of Economy and Culture. Bogdan has performed

single and pairs, ensemble and lead roles in ice shows, and has spent the last three years

with Circus on Ice performing many innovative routines, complete with polar

bears on skates! His hobbies include: football,billiards, tennis and computer games.

Yulia Odintsova

Yulia was born in St Petersburg in 1982 and began skating at the age of four,

coached by her father. At the age of 14 she moved to England and began

skating in pairs and continued to compete internationally for many years.

Following her competitive career Yulia joined the St Petersburg Ballet on Ice

company. In 2005, she graduated from the Academy of Physical Education

in St Petersburg. Yulia has a young son Danila, and in her spare time enjoys

theatre and music.

Jurijs Salmanovs

Jurijs was born in Riga in 1980 and started figure skating at the age of five.

At 15, he began pairs skating with Olga Boguslavska. In 1996, they participated

in the Junior World Championships and went on to compete at the European and

World Championships that same year. He then skated for several years with partner

Tatjana Zaharjeva before joining up with Elena Sirokhvatova with whom he finished

his career as a figure skater in 2003. In total Jurijs participated in five European and

World Championships. In 2003, he began his career as a coach in Riga.

Maria Orlova

Rehearsal Director

Maria was born in Moscow and has been involved

in the world of Ice Skating since the age of five

years old. In her sports career, Maria won numerous

national and International skating competitions at

different levels. Amongst her varied collection is a

Bronze Medal from the Junior World Championships held in Australia in 1988

and also a Gold Medal from the Russian National Cup. After turning

professional, Maria performed in shows around the world performing in the

Bobrin Ice Theatre and also as a member of the Russian Ice Stars, where she

performed a number of lead roles in Carmen on Ice, Phantom of the Opera

on Ice, Cinderella on Ice, Peter Pan on Ice and also performing the Lilac fairy

in Sleeping Beauty on Ice. Maria hopes to be able to pass on her experience,

as one of ice theatre’s most coveted performers. As well as having helped

create a number of programmes featured inside the Russian Ice Stars shows,

Maria also spends some of her spare time coaching.

The Imperial Ice Stars production of Sleeping Beauty on Ice was Maria’s

first full show, as an assistant rehearsal director and choreographer. The

experience gained by working alongside Tony Mercer and Tatiana

Tarasova during that tour has allowed Maria to evolve into a leading

choreographer in her own right and to garner numerous invitations.

Maria’s work in the Swan Lake production will no doubt further add to

her growing reputation as one of the world’s leading ice choreographers.

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